Version 0.28

Version 0.28  of the I3 Connectivity Explorer  includes the following improvements and changes:

  • The Measurement Lab Platform 2.0 data including up-to-date speed test data is now included.
  • The Measurement Lab “Speed test” charts which displayed a median download or upload speed over time was removed. Starting with Version 0.27, the “Goal vs. Actual” speed test chart shows the fraction of tests that meet or exceed the target speeds set in your Notebooks. In that view, you can also compare against the FCC targets if those differ from the notebook goal and also compare your local data  with the state’s.
  • The NCES Public School and Post-secondary Institution data has been updated.
  • The Demographics summary now includes the average household size for a locality.
  • The school closure data from Education Week was removed from the School District DDI views. Instead, the views link to Education Week’s up-to-date page on school re-openings.
  • Internally, there was a lot work on the implementation of user interface. You should experience only minor changes and some improvements.

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