Version 0.25: Every School District has a Voice

The  I3 Connectivity Explorer  (Version 0.25) offers new ways to review all school districts in any state using a variety of key indicators. The most pertinent is  the Digital Distress Indicator (DDI) which ranks the districts in a state, relative to each other, by their digital connectivity. The views are useful when thinking about how to respond short-term to the COVID-19 crisis (“Where are those WiFi hot spots best deployed?”) and longer term when deciding where to invest. Since every school district in the state appears on the list,  every school district, large or small, is represented.

Other indicators in the summary include:

    • District size and type information (unified, secondary, or elementary),
    • Data from the National Center on Educational Statistics about enrollments and the percent of students eligible for Free or Reduced-Price school lunches,
    • Demographic information, such as median household income and families in poverty,
    • Selected Census data on Internet usage and subscriptions including whether persons under 18  do not have a computer in the home,  or whether they have a computer but not an Internet subscription,
    • The wireline providers at 25Mbs↓/3Mbs↑, and
    • The wireless providers at 4G LTE.

The data appears in a summary  table. A companion map shows the DDI across the state. You can also download  state data as a CSV file that can be imported into a spreadsheet.

Access the new views from the from the “state-wide” menu that is present in every notebook. Visually, this menu appears between the active notebook selector, and the “Demographics” menu. In the example shown, the state menu is titled “New Mexico”.

View of Dropdown
The “Statewide” Menu contains links to the table and the map.

As you visit the new views,  you can switch back and forth between the map and the table, or you can view the data from other states. Scroll the table to the right to see additional columns.

illustrates the summary table
Screenshot of the summary table.

Thanks to Education Week,  the table header also contains  school district closure data.


    • Clicking on the school district’s name will automatically create a new I3 notebook for just that  district where you can find many more details.
    • You can  sort on any single column in the table.
    • You can download the CSV version of the data.
    • The complete data set is also available.

Create an account or login in now:   I3 Connectivity Explorer.

Version 0.25 was posted on April 2, 2020.