Version 0.22: Updated Census Data and New Features

Happy New Year!

The Census released its 2014-2018 Community Survey Data on December 19, 2019.  This data is now included in Version 0.22 of the I3 Connectivity Explorer.

Changes in Version 0.22 include:

  • The Census data feed is updated to American Community Survey, 2014-2018,
  • Underlying map data was updated to TigerLine 2018 shapefiles to match the new Census data,
  • Support for Elementary and Secondary school districts, and State legislative districts (upper and lower),
  • Population demographics for Native Americans alongside the other demographic categories,
  • A revised interface for choosing among multiple localities when adding a Locality to a Notebook. and
  • A preference setting to control whether satellite providers are included in statistics on the Overview and 10,000 foot pages.

Application Usage Tracking

With your permission, the I3 Connectivity Explorer can collect information regarding your usage of the tool, such as which browsers are being used, how long pages are taking to load, which pages have the most (or least) activity, and how long visitors stay on pages. By choosing to participate, you will help us to better address issues with the application and to improve its usability.  The data collected is retained by the Center for Internet as Infrastructure, LLC, without sharing to third parties. Please see the Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.  TLDR; Our policy remains one of user-consent and keeping your data private.


The next time you log in to the I3 Connectivity Explorer, you’ll be prompted to opt-in to any usage tracking by the tool.