I3 Connectivity Explorer now a CrowdFiber Community Resource

CrowdFiber (An NRTC Solution) has assumed the operations of the I3 Connectivity Explorer. This welcome development will introduce the resource to the 1,500 member organizations of the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative while sustaining and improving the system.

The Connectivity Explorer (a Community Resource) is now ready for use. You will need to create a new account on the new site.


The I3 Connectivity Explorer is now a CrowdFiber Community Resource

CrowdFiber (an NRTC Solution) has assumed the operations for the I3 Connectivity Explorer! The transition to the Connectivity Explorer (https://connectivityexplorer.com) is now complete†. The original I3 Connectivity Explorer launched in August, 2018. Since then, over 1,860 users have signed in to work with over 5,000 different localities across the US. The usefulness of the platform …

I3 Connectivity Explorer Update: New FCC Data

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate! With the passage of the Infrastructure bill last week, broadband is officially infrastructure. “Retirement” Update: The Center for Internet as Infrastructure is continuing to work with an (unnamed) organization which has offered to support and maintain the I3 Connectivity Explorer. An announcement is expected soon. Version Update: Updated …

Internet is Infrastructure

Internet connectivity (the lower-level, packet-shipping parts) in the U.S. is presently in a transition from privately-held and operated ventures into fundamental infrastructure. This transition is following the historical paths taken by other aspect of our infrastructure, like water, gas, and the electrical grid. Each of these started out as a novel invention, and each became so essential to modern living and the economy that they became “infrastructure”.

The transition into infrastructure is never quick, nor easily accomplished. For example, it took social intervention — organized through government agencies and deployed via public-private partnerships — to complete rural electrification. The existing electric companies were strong influencers throughout the process. The effort gave rise to electric coops in areas where it was too costly for a single investor (e.g. a electric company) to build out.

It is past time to be thinking about this process, what it will mean, and how it will be accomplished. The transition already underway, yet the timeline remains indistinct. The starting point is to look at where we are now, both in terms of deployment and policy, and then to look towards a future of trusted, reliable, affordable, and ubiquitous connectivity on top of which communities and companies thrive. Please join!

Stay in touch!

The Center for Internet as Infrastructure manages two mailing lists: one for general announcements and one for users of the I3 Connectivity Explorer. Please join us there, or on the I3 Telegraph, the forum for Internet as Infrastructure.

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